Experienced Aviation Innovators


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Gregory Bruell


Entrepreneur, engineer, and VTOL visionary

Co-founder Elytron Aircraft

Built 2S manned tilt-wing prototype

Investor in Martin Jetpack, successful exit

Consulting engineer in networking and real time systems

Product Manager, Agranat Systems

CTO of SilverBack Technologies

Chief Architect, Bay Networks

Computer Science major, Carnegie Mellon University

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Peter H. Schmidt


Entrepreneur and startup airline executive

President & COO of Linear Air, Eclipse 500 operator and Part 135 online charter marketplace

COO of Jet Advisors, a business aviation consultancy

SVP of National Aviation Academy

CTO North America for Ipanema Technologies

CEO of Echo Engineering, an embedded systems consulting engineering firm

Aerobatic pilot

Computer Science SB and Management MSM, MIT

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Robert Schulman


Safety-critical aerospace SW engineer and entrepreneur

Grew Seaweed Systems into the premier source of graphics solutions for mission- and safety-critical military and avionics systems

Software now on: F-35, F-22, A-10, F-16, B-1, B-2, MH-60, AH-6, et al.

Technical Principal, AMD, safety-critical automotive systems

B.S. Computer Science, Univerity of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

M.S. Computer Science, Berkeley

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Dave Wallace


Principal Consulting Engineer, pilot, and aircraft homebuilder

30 years of flight experience, instrument and seaplane rated

Renovated a 1965 Cherokee 140

Building a 4-place Bearhawk bush plane

Principal Software Engineer, CTO Office, Cisco Systems

30 years engineering real time and networked systems down to the nanosecond regime

Northrop - Developed firmware for an Astro-Inertial Navigation System

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University

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Richard L. Gersh


Aerospace startup company exec, insurance industry veteran

Led risk management and regulatory engagement for Terrafugia

Achieved DOT and EPA approvals for road use of Transition flying car

Invented integrated automotive + aircraft insurance coverage

President, Newbury Insurance Company

VP and General Manager, Housing Partnership Insurance

Educator/interpreter for Massachusetts history museums

Boston University B.A.

MBA, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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Vanessa Blakeley


Aerospace startup manager, pilot, non-profit founder

Led external comms for flying-car company Terrafugia

Piloted Transition flight test article aircraft

Co-founded Pure Hearts Boston, a pediatric cardiology research foundation

Led strategic placement for National Aviation Academy

International student advisor & flight dispatcher for Executive Flyers Aviation

Chapter head, The Ninety-Nines women pilots organization

MIT Undergrad Practice Opportunities Program aerospace industry advisor

Boston College B.A.

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Melissa O'Shea

Sales & Channel Development Lead

Startup founder, sales and customer service exec

VP of Sales of Linear Air, Eclipse 500 operator and Part 135 online charter marketplace

Techstars Atlanta Accelerator Class of 2018

National Women's Club founder and entrepreneur

National and local press appearances including the Today Show, the Boston Globe, LA Times, and Atlanta Journal Constitution

B.A. in Political Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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David Pasco

Investor Relations

Commercial, charter pilot, A&P mechanic, 40 years of aviation experience

Digital Equipment Corporation, corporate pilot

National Aviation Academy, admissions counselor

Diamond Air - flew both freight and passengers

Comerford Flight School, instructor pilot

East Coast Aero Tech, airframe and engine repair

Commercial, multi-engine, and instructor rated

B.S. in Human Factors, Lesley University

Unparalleled Aircraft Development Expertise

Aircraft Program Advisors and Consultants

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Greg Steiner

Aerospace Manufacturing

Helicopter and structures manufacturing exec

Kaman Aerospace - President, oversaw K-MAX helicopter restart

GE Aviation Systems - VP Systems, Exec Program Manager for 787

GE Aviation Military Mission Systems - VP and General Manager

Rockwell Collins - VP and General Manager, Passenger Systems

Rockwell Collins - VP Global Strategy

Rockwell Collins - Director of Airline Programs

Rhode Island Air National Guard - Combat/Tactical pilot on C-130

USAF - Captain, Fighter/Attack/Reconnaissance Rating

Commercial and Multi-Engine FAA ratings

team member

Mark Ozenick


Aerospace and aviation industry veteran - 40 years of experience

Founder of HeliFlite Shares, LLC -First successful rotorcraft fractional provider

Former President, Dassault Falcon Jet Factory Service Center Network, North and South America

Former Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Customer Support American Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopter)

Co-Founder, HeliFlite Aviation Services of Argentina, S.A.

Advisory Board Member, Trinity Capital LLC

Trusted Aviation/Aerospace Advisor to JetSuite, Inc., American Airlines, Delta Airlines, & other privately and publicly held Part 135/145 operating entities

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Dr. Willem Anemaat

Aircraft Design Lead

Over 400 aircraft designs, conventional and VTOL, in 26 years

PiperJet - Wind tunnel program manager

US Air Force C-130 NP-2000 - Upgrade Performance Manual lead

US Air Force C-130 - Re-engine Performance Manual lead

Oliver VTOL - Preliminary Design Lead

Major OEM - Quadcopter propeller design lead

VisionAire VA-10 - Wind tunnel test and redesign program lead

NASA Lockheed P-3 radar system - Design program lead

Basler BT-67 (DC-3) Radar - System program lead

STERNA Aircraft - Rotor design program lead

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Rick Simmons


Tilt-rotor and NASA test pilot, FAA Rotorcraft Directorate DER

AW 609 civil tilt-rotor - FAA Project Flight Test Pilot, AW's DER

XV-15 experimental tilt-rotor - NASA/Army Project Pilot

AH-1S FLITE COBRA - Army Project Pilot

UH-60 Blackhawk Airloads Research Aircraft - Army Project Pilot

CH-47 Variable Stability Research Aircraft - Research Pilot

UH-60 RASCAL Fly-by-Wire Research Aircraft - Research Pilot

BE200 Super King Air - NASA Project Pilot for FAA/NASA CAT III GPS

NASA Vertical Motion Simulator - Project pilot

team member

Grady Wilson

VTOL Flight Ops

Tilt-Rotor Test Pilot & National Test Pilot School Instructor

Over 9,800 flight hours in 85 different aircraft

Airbus Helicopters EC-145 - Production Acceptance

National Test Pilot School - Instructor

HondaJet - Chief Test Pilot

Boeing Helicopter MV-22 Osprey - Experimental Test Pilot

McDonnell Helicopters - Chief of Stability and Control

NASA Ames XV-15 - Chief pilot

US Army OV-1, UH-1, CH-47 - Director Flight Test

1967-68 Flight Instructor in T-41B for the US Army

team member

Todd Hodges

VTOL History

NASA Engineer, VTOL inventor, VTOL historian

Consultant to NASA VTOL designs incl. Greased Lightning GL-10

Design and Propulsion Integration Engineer on Free Flight Rotorcraft Research Vehicle - UAV

V/STOL wind tunnel test engineer at NASA Langley

Propulsion integration engineering on an airship

Airborne wind turbine tether designer

Crashworthy composite structures research

NASA "Tech Brief" & "Turning Goals Into Reality" awards

GL-10 patent co-inventor award from NASA

team member

Eric Bartsch

Electric Aircraft Systems

Electric Aircraft Pioneer - UAV & manned, entrepreneur

Co-founder and COO VerdeGo Aero - Urban Air Mobility

Commercial, Instrument, Airplane, and Glider pilot

Nineteen US patents

Team leader for more than $1B of novel product sales

VP/GM Horizon Hobby - electric RC and UAV aircraft

Siniger LLC - Fixed wing/multicopter hybrid airframe

Yuneec - GM of electric flight program

Conducted first crewed electric aircraft formation flight

Co-founder and COO, Powering Imagination

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Mark Dreier

Flight Simulation Lead

Patents on and wrote the textbook on VTOL flight simulation

AVX Aircraft Company - Deputy Director for Test and Evaluation

Bell Helicopter - Staff engineer, pre-design, simulation, research

Adjunct lecturer - University of Texas at Arlington

McCormick Lecturer - Penn State University

Tech Fellow - American Helicopter Society, International

De Florez Award - American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics

Author - Introduction to Helicopter and Tiltrotor Flight Simulation

U. S. Patents - #7098811, #9102401, #9067676

Private Pilot

Record Setters

Manned Prototype Leadership

team member

Terry Tomeny


F-16 & Eclipse Test pilot, Test & Evaluation Expert

Boeing T-X Director Early Test Engagement

Boeing P-8 Director Test & Evaluation IPT, Senior Test Program Manager

Eclipse 500 Experimental Test Pilot

Eclipse 400 Director of Flight Test Engineering

Lockheed Martin F-16 Experimental test pilot, instructor pilot

Lockheed Martin F-22 Mission/Avionics Flight test manager

team member

Rick Heise


Aerospace industry engineering leader

Seventeen year veteran of Swift's rise to serve customers including NASA, Space X, Boeing, Eclipse, Mooney, Sikorsky, Scaled Composites, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and many more

Oversaw development of Swift's own line of UAVs

Director of Business Development

Director of Engineering & Programs

Director of Operations

Managing Director of In Touch Business Strategies, a consultancy for aerospace, defense, and auto cos.

Unparalleled Airline Expertise

Airline Experts

team member

Dave Bushy


SVP Flight Ops for Delta, VP Flight Ops Jet Blue, COO Cape Air

37 year airline veteran, from line pilot to C-suite

10,000+ hour Airline Transport Pilot

Chief Pilot, BOS and JFK + International for Delta

Type rated in DC-9, Boeing 727, 757, and 767, plus Airbus A320

Created Jet Blue Gateway University recruiting program

Helped create Massachusetts college aviation maintenance program

Board Member of the Aviation Accreditation Board International

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Andrew Schmertz


Startup airline CEO and marketing visionary

Co-founder and CEO, Hopscotch Air

Board of directors member and marketing advisor, Linear Air

Member of the Charter Committee, National Air Transportation Association

FAA liaison for Part 135 operations

Established marketing partnerships with NY Islanders & Swiss Air

Blogger for Huffington Post

TV journalist, presenter, and executive producer

Private Pilot, with land, sea, and instrument ratings

The seasoned Image Factory team


Founded in 1999 Image Factory is a comprehensive online visibility facilitation studio offering innovative solutions covering web design, branding, social media marketing, and advertising.

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Laszlo Revesz

creative director

With well over three decades in the visual communications field, Image Factory founder and creative director Laszlo Revesz is a recognized marketing expert, copywriter, and graphic designer.

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Alina Alexandru

Art Director

One of Image Factory's principals, Art Director Alina Alexandru is a passionate and versatile creative with over two decades of forward thinking on the battlefield of graphic design.

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Octavian Pintilie

chief programmer

Image Factory's chief programmer, Octavian Pintilie is an adventurous daredevil exacting pixel perfect web pages with technologically advanced original solutions.